When it comes to providing local, reliable and cost effective portable toilet hire across the shropshire, Aquarius we are 'second to none'.

We can supply toilets for hire on any scale from a single toilet for a small building site or small event up to multiple toilets. Simply give us at Aquarius a call to get a quote back from our friendly and highly experienced Toilet Hire team.

A porta toilet will make or break the success of an event-but it's not a convenience most of us give a second thought to. When planning an outdoor event or setting up a construction site you'll quickly realize that the right porta toilet selection for your occasion means everything.

Backyard parties | Concerts | Outdoor events | Weddings | Sporting events | Golf course | Construction sites | Rest areas | Campsites

Porta Toilet rental is a simple solution for waste disposal at an event or on a site without restroom facilities.

The porta toilet most of us are familiar with is the small portable restroom stall constructed of lightweight plastic. These porta toilets used at outdoor events and on construction sites serve as a temporary toilet and can be moved from location to location. A porta toilet will come with toilet paper and antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers. Porta toilet can also be rented with separate internal handwashing station, where soap and paper towels are included. Because a porta toilet does not use traditional plumbing, it contains powerful deodorizing chemicals to disinfect and manage waste. These chemicals are the blue liquid found at the bottom of a porta toilet.

Long-term porta toilet contracts may come with weekly service to recharge blue sanitizer, clean interior, pump waste tank and restock supplies. Earlier restocks can be arranged. Portable toilets can be placed on a solid level surface in a backyard, as long as a service vacuum truck can access the toilet within 20meters.

There are countless circumstances where you may find yourself in need of the loo.

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